Captain Morgan Rum Distillers (Jamaica) Ltd.

Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

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Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

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Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

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Captain Morgan Rum Distillers Ltd, formed by Seagram in 1945 (and liquidated in 1970).

From 1985 is Captain Morgan manufactured by Serrales.

[Die Quelle: Got Rum, May 2001]

In 1945 Samuel Bronfman's vast Distillers Corporation Seagrams Ltd - set up Captain Morgan Rum Distillers in Jamaica. They began as blenders of spirit from various distilleries which they bottled and marketed as 'Captain Morgan Rum'; but obtained their own sources of the raw material when in 1953 they purchased the Long Pond sugar estate and rum distillery.

It's the flagship rum i Seagram's portfolio, the second bestselling rum brand in the world an the leading dark rum brand in the UK. Blending and bottling takes place a various Seagram sites around the worl which explains why the packaging is not entirely consistent.

[Die Quelle: Classic Rum by Julie Arkell, 1999, p.101]

In 1985 Serrallés acquired the right to manufacture and distribute the Ronico and Captain Morgan brands in Puerto Rico and several other Caribbean Islands while also producing Ronrico and Captain Morgan for distribution by Seagram's in the United States.

[Die Quelle: The Rum Experience by Luis Ayala, 2001, p.117]

Up to 2000 was brand name owned by Joseph E. Seagram & Son, now is owner UK based company Diageo.

[Die Quelle: Diageo, cit. 2002]

The question of who will retain ultimate control of Seagram’s Captain Morgan dark rum–whether British drinks giant Diageo PLC or Puerto Rican distiller Destileria Serralles–is still up in the air.

[Die Quelle: Puerto Rico Herald, February 2001]

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