Czech Republic

Bedřich Pučelík, Jirny u Prahy

Tuzemský rum
Tuzemský rum

Tuzemský rum

99 x 141 mm (3.9\" x 5.5\")
Tuzemský rum
Tuzemský rum

Tuzemský rum

74 x 117 mm (2.9\" x 4.6\")
Tuzemský rum
Tuzemský rum

Tuzemský rum

I have a picture only:(
The Buccaneer's best Old Rum
The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer´s best Old Rum

101 x 166 mm (4\" x 6.5\")

Only 3 of 4 labels are shown. Underplayed labels are variations with minor differences.


Company was established in 1901.

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Page themes - text from labels: Tuzemský rum; 40%; Pučelík; cena Kčs; Bedřich Pučelík, Jirny u Prahy; Povoleno min. zás. 28.XI.1921, čís. 68321/10064;Jemný 40% Tuzemský Rum; Pučelík; Cena Kč; M. Kump, lahůdky - vína, maj. J. Šorm, Praha I, Perštýn 342, telefon 39338; Povoleno min. zás. 28. XI. 1921 čís. 68321 10064;Jemný 40% tuzemský rum; Pučelík; Cena;The Buccaneer's, best Old Rum; Established 1901; Tuzemský rum; Manufactory Frédéric Pučelík, Prague - Jirny, Čechoslovakia; The celebrated Buccaneer's best Old Rum with 40% overproof is a most mature spirit, free from all harmfull ingredients, and posessing a fine, soft mellow flavour, so that the most fastidious connoisseur is full of praise for it; See that each bottle bears the label 'Buccaneer's best Old Rum.';