Puerto Rico

Fred L. Myers & Son Co

Myers's Rum Platinium White

Myers´s Rum Platinium White

96 x 144 mm (3.8\" x 5.7\")
Myers's Rum Golden Rich

Myers´s Rum Golden Rich

95 x 144 mm (3.7\" x 5.7\")


The Arecibo distillery of Puerto Rico Distillers Inc on the north of the island produced no brand of its own. The company, of which Carlos Rossi was President, was at least 51 per cent owned by the Seagram Company (by which name Distillers Corporation-Seagrams Ltd of Canada became known from 1974). It was geared mainly to distilling spirit for Seagram's 'Ronrico' brand marketed in Canada (and a little in Puerto Rico), and to the different specifications of a multitude of blender customers who, as they said, they 'did business as'. These companies, with their separate blending and bottling plants, warehouses and marketing organisations, were referred to by PR Distillers as their 'DBAs'. Each of these rum 'producers', some of which once distilled their own spirit in their own distilleries and still had the word 'destileria' in their name, blended the various types of distillate which they bought in bulk from the Arecibo distillery (and sometimes rum from outside Puerto Rico which PR Distillers had bought in) and put the finished product in bottles. The labels bore the words 'produced and bottled by'. The distillate taken by the DBAs however accounted for only a small proportion of PR Distillers' annual output.

Fred L Myers & Son Co whose 'Myers's Rum', Platinum White and Golden Rich were produced at Arecibo and labelled 'Puerto Rican Rum'.

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