South Africa

Edward Snell & Co. LTD, Durban

Jack Tar
Jack Tar

Jack Tar

100 x 132 mm (3.9\" x 5.2\")
Cape to Rio
Cape to Rio

Cape to Rio

100 x 130 mm (3.9\" x 5.1\")

Only 2 of 3 labels are shown. Underplayed labels are variations with minor differences.


On board was Edward Snell who, after disembarking, joined the Cape Town shipping firm of Thompson Walter and Co. In those days Natal was governed from the Cape from which supplies were drawn by small coasting vessels which returned with ivory and hides. Opportunities beckoned and it was not long before Edward Snell moved to that colony and founded E. Snell & Co. in Durban in 1848.

At that time its trade consisted chiefly of imports and exports and the firm also acted as ships' agent for most of the sailing vessels that passed through the port. Business grew rapidly and in 1859 Mr Snell brought out his nephew Edward Hooper who had recently left school in England and trained him in the business. He and his son, also Edward Snell, managed the firm until the founder’s retirement in 1885.

In the meantime, Edward Hooper’s son Vernon Hooper had joined the business in 1883 and after some time was admitted as junior partner. In 1906 Vernon Hooper bought out the interests of the Snell family and then later formed the business into a limited liability company. He appointed his sons Edward and Noel as co-directors, the latter being the father of two present day directors Bill and David Hooper.

Imports of wines, spirits and beer continued to grow and office premises were set up in Durban’s Commercial Road, with large connecting warehouses facing on to Queen Street. In the 1950’s, Vernon Hooper sold the company to a consortium of wholesalers which traded under the name Associated Wine Products Ltd.

In May 1980 an opportunity arose for the the Hooper family to regain control of the company. Today they are celebrating the 150th annniversary of the founding of the company, and are as determined as ever that the company continues to display all the personalized hallmarks of a family business totally committed to its customers and staff

[Source: Company's web site, cit. 2003]

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